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Our mission
Сreate an opportunity for the travel community to unleash the spirit of adventure and achieve the most ambitious goals.
Our philosophy
High performance standard
We set big goals for ourselves and for the team and always strive to give 110% to achieving them. We remain proactive in finding solutions, constantly looking for even better ways. We are not afraid to make mistakes. We give a try, analyze, consult and try again.
We make decisions quickly and without regret. We are not afraid to make a mistake. We quickly respond to internal and external changes and easily adapt to new challenges. We try to be ahead of the curve both in the race of product quality and in the process management. If an idea comes up on how to solve the issue, we proceed immediately to actions, with no complications.
Caring and Empathy
We pay attention to the emotions, feelings and needs of the team. We respond to them in a gentle way. We try to make the life of users, teams and partners easier and more enjoyable. We give each other constructive feedback at the right time. We share our joys, we thank each other, we support each other.
We strive to be the best! We think globally. We set goals that challenge us. We are driven by the big picture. We are never complacent, even when we are already at the “excellent” mark. Each of us strives to be a person who drives the company forward, to grow personally and professionally.
Flexibility and Adaptability
Flexible and agile, we accept the changes and adapt to them in the best possible way. We see new opportunities in every case and issue. We change the rules of the game on the go, if they don’t give the desired result. We know how to take risks and find innovative solutions.
Owner approach
We make every decision guided by the goals and interests of the company. We strive to be worth our team: to speak up, share and promote the team and the company in the outside world. Objectively and with respect to the people, we evaluate our actions and the actions of our colleagues. We  initiate new activities and product improvements.
Constant development and broadening of the horizon
We are constantly learning, asking for and giving feedback to the team. We are looking for the best practices from the market and observe the outside world, competitors and  trends. We are constantly exploring our zones of unconscious unawareness and transforming them into conscious knowledge. We focus on systematic personal development.
Our advantages
Working in an amazing team
Decent compensation and bonuses
Flexible working hours
Completely remote work
Freedom of decision making
Rapid personal and professional growth
Olga Bortnikova, CEO
We are building an international company that brings unique experiences to travelers around the world. We are glad to welcome in the team those who are ready to think globally and create history with us.
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